Medical Intelligence Group

Category: Opportunity

Deadline: 8/11/2022

Themes: Consultancy Grants

To provide an innovation that can deliver impact and value, the focus for TASHA will be on 2 key areas: firstly being able to perform a high level diabetic foot exam outside of a clinical space (such as at the patients home), secondly growing a predictive system that can detect abnormalities to prioritise patients to the correct pathway of care through an advanced alert mechanism and active monitoring.Given the complexity and specificity of the technology being developed MIG is looking to further contract a developer capable of producing a prototype that can be used in a useably study that will be conducted over in 2023. As such a contractor specialising in the area of kotlin, embedded systems for integration with hardware to capture point clouds is critical.The technical deliverables and complexity can be segmented into the below expertise to align with our objective to create the application for foot scanning:- TASHA app to integrate with depth sensor: as integration with the 3D depth imaging device requires streaming of the point clouds and metadata and an SDK integration, specific skillsets in java and python are essential.- Point cloud rendering from 3D depth scanner. This requires using WebGL technology to render the point clouds and usage of timestamps from the device to visualise the point cloud on the device- 2D imagery upload. The app has the ability to take photos of the foot and upload to a secure cloud. This aspect of the technology is complete however requires further stability including unit and integration test coverageThe technical deliverables above requires someone who has the expertise in point clouds, data visualisation and rendering using WebGL, in addition to building the app in kotlin for android systems.MIG has also joined with IBM to gain access to their cloud services – as such the contractor must work closely with our CTO to migrate the platform to these

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