Consciously Digital

Category: Collaboration

Deadline: 10/1/2021

Themes: KEEPs/RICs

We are looking for a research partner who:
1. Has significant understanding of the area of digital wellbeing and its different variables (we will support you with our knowledge, but it does help if you have studied it before)
2. Has significant experience in statistical analysis, and both quantitative and qualitative research. We’d like this someone to have experience in factor analysis specifically (we think that probably factor analysis would be the most relevant tool for this type of work, but are happy to hear your proposal).
3. Can help us develop a hypothesis/methodology, based on which we will create the tool, and understands that no model is perfect
4. Shares our ethics that technology can be a great tool as long as we are managing it right, and that humans are complex beings and we cannot reduce digital wellbeing to just ‘screen time’

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