Learn what you really need to know about exporting in 2021 and beyond, a practical guide for novice and seasoned exporters.

About this Event

The 1st January 2021 heralded significant changes in the way the UK trades with its closest neighbours in the EU, and indeed, further afield. Membership of the EU has not only afforded us tariff free access to markets within the bloc and beyond, but our regulatory alignment has also meant that we have been able to ship our goods with minimal friction.

The new Trade and Cooperation Agreement lays the foundation for future UK-EU trade as both parties regard each other as third countries for the first time in decades. Exporting as a third country brings with it several additional administrative and compliance related considerations that many companies will simply not have been exposed to previously. Companies who have traded exclusively within the bloc, have found themselves ‘exporting’ for the first time, and are having to rapidly acquire new knowledge and skills. This upskilling will serve companies well in the longer-term and will undoubtedly make new, exciting, high-growth markets less daunting to penetrate in the future.

Overseas expansion can be an exhilarating and lucrative journey for a company, spreading risk and maximising product lifecycles beyond the domestic market. Whether you are a novice or seasoned exporter, join Andrea Collins of The Export Department for this webinar that aims to provide an overview of the exporting process in practice. It is crucial to remember that even if you outsource your shipping to a freight forwarder, as an Exporter you have a number of key responsibilities, this webinar will explore those and the importance of getting things right.

Whilst Andrea will obviously highlight the way Brexit is impacting trade operations and compliance, subject matter will focus on what exporters should be doing now and moving forward, insights will include but not be limited to:

  • Exploring new markets
  • Mitigating risk in new markets
  • Export documentation
  • Commodity codes and their importance
  • Country of origin implications
  • Tariffs and other barriers to entry
  • Trade agreement considerations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Licensing requirements
  • Changes introduced in Incoterms 2020

What is the format of the event?

This will be a live webinar format for the first 45 minutes, with all questions held for the end of the session where there will be a live Q&A session with Andrea about the points raised.

Who is this suitable for?

This is suitable for business leaders and those in the business who have responsibility for the exportation of goods from the UK to the EU and beyond. Ideally, you will have been trading and exporting already as otherwise some of the terms used may be unfamiliar to you and this webinar will be based on some previous knowledge of exportation. However, if you are also looking to start exporting this event may be useful if you have already done some research into the area and are already an established UK business.

What will I take away from attending this event?

You will get an expert review of the key facts and changes affecting exportation and expansion for businesses into the EU and the Rest of the World post the EU Exit 2021. This is a great event to help you focus your actions for ensuring your successful exporting and expansion into the EU from 2021 and beyond.

Agenda for the workshop

09:55 Zoom room opens

10:00 Introduction and event format

10:05 Webinar - Exporting and Expansion Post the EU Exit

10:45 Live Q&A

11:00 Event Close

Host - Andrea Collins, Managing Direct, The Export Department

Andrea is an international trade specialist with almost 25 years’ experience in the industry. A linguist fluent in French and Spanish, Andrea specializes in Importing, exporting, Brexit preparedness, business resilience, and business growth.

A passionate ambassador of UK micro businesses and SMEs, she launched The Export Department to assist these companies expand their horizons internationally and raise the profile of UK goods and services abroad.

As well as supporting private clients with their international trade endeavours, Andrea delivers 1:1 support and 1:Many support for a number of Growth Hubs nationwide and is responsible for the design and delivery of a range of EU transition, international expansion, and business resilience support programmes operational across Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and the South East Midlands.


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If you have any issues or further inquiries please email naghmarketing@newangliagrowthhub.co.uk. Within reason this should not be an issue, but this is a small group event.

Will this be recorded?

Yes this event will be recorded to enable you to revisit the event post-event for a short while through a passworded link. This will be sent out to attendees only after the event. The video will also be stored for evidence for auditing purposes as per the requirements of our funding regulations. This will not be made public to others.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

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Due to the Coronavirus, we are unable to have a physical event, we will look to move this event to an online interactive event, with the support of Andrea Collin of The Export Department. We will be required to share your information with Andy so they are able to ensure you have access to this event. Please ensure that you pay attention to the last question in the registration about sharing your information with them for the purpose of this event.

State Aid Declaration

This event is delivered, free of charge, to SMEs (SME is defined as an Enterprise with fewer than 250 employees and has either an annual balance sheet not exceeding 43m Euro or Annual Turnover not exceeding £50m) other restrictions may apply. This support is being provided as de minimis aid under EC Regulation 1407/2013 (De Minimis Aid Regulation). The value of this support has been calculated as £50.

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This event, as with all the New Anglia Growth Hub events, is suited and intended for businesses already running and established. Please refer to courses by NWES and MENTA for courses more suited for those businesses who are pre-start or have been trading for less than 12 months

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