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KEEP+ is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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New Projects Underway

KEEP+ has recently approved ERDF grants for two new exciting projects and activity is now well underway.

Two innovative Essex based companies have been approved for revenue funding for knowledge exchange activity from ERDF, via the KEEP+ programme and delivered through Anglia Ruskin University:

An IT software development company based in Essex, is developing an innovative IT solution, which in the first instance will provide a one-stop Instant Messaging (IM) service, primarily for Healthcare Professionals in the UK.

A manufacturing company also based in Essex, is engaged with Anglia Ruskin to design a new method and product to optimise the fluid thermal dynamics of liquid temperature controlled baths, between the ranges of -60 and +150 degrees Celsius.

Both companies are benefiting from a Knowledge Exchange and Embed Partnership (KEEP) intervention, a three way collaboration between the business, the university and a graduate employee who will be placed within the company to deliver specialist expertise for the project. The intervention is specifically designed to accelerate the development of new products and services and bring new knowledge into the business.

These are just two examples demonstrating the range of innovative projects eligible for KEEP+ funding and we are looking forward to seeing how they develop!