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KEEP+ is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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KEEP+ is open for business!

KEEP+ programme has secured £9.3m of ERDF funding to help businesses across the South East to access academic expertise and talent.

EU funds for SMEs to access expertise and talent

A £9.3million programme to unlock access to EU funding, university expertise and graduate talent is available for SMEs across the East and South East of England.

The KEEP+ programme is open to SMEs across four LEPs (Greater Cambridge/Peterborough, Herts, New Anglia and South East) to help firms develop and launch new products and services. Projects supported will typically last between 3 and 12 months and will create long- term links between companies and universities, as well as new jobs and market growth. and achieve lasting impacts such as new jobs and market growth for local companies. Carole Randall, KEEP+ Programme Manager, said: “Over the next three years KEEP+ will be able to accelerate innovation across the across the four LEP areas, by enabling SMEs to access specialist expertise to generate new products and services. We had experienced significant interest in KEEP+ prior to the official launch, and the programme team and delivery partners are pleased to be actively engaging with interested businesses.” Funding has been provided by the ERDF and KEEP+ is a partnership of eight organisations led by Anglia Ruskin University and including the East of England Local Government Association; University of Suffolk and the University of Essex. For information email


Press release issued via the regional newspapers Bizeast on the 7th Feb 2017.