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GATE – Global Association for Transition Engineering

GATE is a voluntary organisation to support the development of disruptive technologies that manage the risks of unsustainable resources and promotes environmental innovations.

Transition Engineering – think differently, innovate more!


Have you defined your Forward Operating Environment? The future will not look like the past and it will be increasingly dangerous to assume that current trajectories will continue. We are living through a historical point of inflection and innovation processes must adapt the engineered systems on which we depend (transport, energy supply, buildings, manufacturing…) so that they will work in a foreseeable but different future.


Transition engineering is not business as usual (and not just for engineers!) – it puts sustainability at the heart of how things and systems are designed and operate and encourages long term design, planning and strategising within the realities of a changing world environment.


Use the Transition Engineering and Innovation approach to see your forward operating environment, set the direction of the innovation process, and build confidence in the long term prosperity of your organisation.


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If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re unlikely to get there….