East Suffolk Partnership Forum

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East Suffolk Partnership


The East Suffolk Partnership (ESP) is an organisation that brings together  the public, business, community and voluntary sectors to work together on tackling challenges in the East Suffolk area. The Partnership is hosting its Annual Forum on 10th November 2017 at Trinity Park, and is open to all to attend. Colleagues from University of Suffolk will be attending this event and will be on hand to talk to businesses about the KEEP+ programme.

The Annual Forum seeks to promote creative approaches to tackle local priorities more efficiently and effectively together – through a dynamic partnership between citizens, the wider public sector, the voluntary and business sectors, and local government across east Suffolk.

The issues of most importance to the ESP include:

  • Economic prosperity, growth and infrastructure development
  • Ensuring people have the skills to meet employment opportunities
  • Encouraging a growing, ageing population to be healthy and live well
  • Building strong communities and reduce inequalities in health, housing, and crime
  • Improving lives through environmental action

The evening will include a range of speakers, workshops, seminars and a marketplace for local businesses to display and network with delegates. Follow the link to register your interest.


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