Achieving Success Velocity Workshop

Hosted by

University of Suffolk

University of Suffolk Business Services are hosting this event. As well as attending the workshop, delegates will have the opportunity to speak to University of Suffolk colleagues about the KEEP+ programme.

Women are still significantly underrepresented at senior levels in the majority of organisations, and as successful top entrepreneurs. And yet, we know that companies with higher representation of women at senior and Board level will perform better than those with lower levels of diversity. But how do we engage with these crucial issues and take action to improve gender equality at all levels throughout our organisations?

This workshop is delivered by Sarah Frame of Green Onyx Consultancy Ltd, and focuses on a broad range of opportunities and barriers for female leaders and entrepreneurs, and delegates can engage in a number of practical sessions aimed at assisting women to build the skills and confidence to succeed in their careers.

Check out the full event details via the registration link.

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