Project date


Team involved

Julie Ben Abdeljelil
KEEP+ Project Manager

Kayleigh Parkes
KEEP+ Project Finance Officer

The challenge

To disrupt the market by satisfying the following criteria; 100% plastic free, recyclable and made in Britain, whilst also being a luxury, ethical product.

The solution

The funding was used to carry out extensive market research to fully understand the potential demand for the product in the chosen materials, mechanism and aesthetics. The company worked with product designers and CGI consultants to produce in-depth 3D drawings of potential designs and mechanisms, which allowed them to review and alter all elements prior to the manufacture of costly prototypes.

The outcome

The creation of a game-changing "new to market" lipstick that is plastic-free, organic, vegan and recyclable. The bullet is made of bespoke-designed, machined aluminium with a slider mechanism. As it is 100% aluminium, this is infinitely recyclable and the bullets can be placed in household recycling points. The lipstick formula is organic and registered by The Vegan Society. The final product has been certified by A Plastic Planet, Plastic Soup Foundation and Made in Britain. The product has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes and The Financial Times, to name a few. The bullet design has been shortlisted for a Pentawards - the world’s most prestigious competition for packaging design. Deemed as ‘the best lipstick ever’ by discerning customers, Juni is leading the way in sustainable, luxury cosmetics. Following up on its success, Juni now plans to design a plastic-free refill system and expand the collection to offer other innovative beauty products.