Project date


Team involved

Julie Ben Abdeljelil
KEEP+ Project Manager

Kayleigh Parkes
KEEP+ Project Finance Officer

RTK Mapping and Surveying Services by Drone from HexCam

The challenge

HexCam wanted to demonstrate the accuracy and reliability of aerial surveying and prove that this drone, when operated in the right way by experienced operators, could lead to significant time savings in capture of survey data, dispelling the myth that drones could never provide accurate data.

The solution

With the help of a KEEP+ capital grant, the business purchased the Phantom 4 RTK from Chinese-owned market leader DJI and significantly increased the size and scope of its portfolio of high accuracy surveying and mapping work.

The outcome

The Phantom 4 RTK (P4RTK) drone has allowed HexCam to offer high quality, validated aerial surveying services to clients wanting to cover large areas and where speed or security of data collection is essential. It has helped to reduce the need to walk or drive over sites with traditional survey equipment, preserving ecologically sensitive areas and accessing hard-to reach areas - making surveying easier and safer. The grant has helped HexCam to increase their staff headcount and turnover and has helped to win projects in collaboration with national surveyors and set their sights on providing surveying and mapping services to the rapidly growing offshore wind industry in the East of England. HexCam’s reputation for accuracy, accessible technology and digestible data has grown deeper amongst their existing client base and the new technology has made them more competitive in the marketplace. Workflow has increased with valuable time being saved on data collection and processing. Since being offered to clients, the RTK service now accounts for 25% of turnover and it has helped cement HexCam’s reputation as a progressive company which embraces technology.