Project date


Team involved

The challenge

With the swift advancements in digital video technology, customer demand is growing for 4k quality filming comparable to cinema specification. To keep up to date with the latest technology and remain competitive SMEs in this sector need to be able to offer cutting edge solutions using the most up to date equipment. For a growing business this can be prohibitively expensive.

The solution

Digitom were preparing to invest company resources into taking the plunge into 4K filming, a new service offer which would provide an amazing end product for customers. To do this they needed significiant hardware upgrades in terms of both image capture and post production. Purchases included 4K capable camera equipment, high spec computers in the form of Apple editing suits with exceptionally high capacity storage capabilities, and a super high definition broadcasting monitor to maintain cinema quality standards. The equipment will also provide scope to branch out into new 360 Video products in the future.  

The outcome

With the help of a KEEP+ capital grant Digitom we able to successfully upgrade their equipment to meet the specification for their new service offering. The grant funded 50% of the £15,500 total spend. Following formal confirmation of eligibility for ERDF funding and a chat with the KEEP+ team, Digitom completed a formal application detailing the proposed new service offer, and justification of the capital purchase accompanied by a valid 3rd party quote. The application was assessed by the KEEP+ panel and approved for funding!

“We found the whole application process simple and straight forward. Our application was approved by the panel within 5 days, allowing us to place the order for new equipment and roll-out of our new 4K filming services within two months of learning of the scheme. The KEEP+ team have been very helpful throughout and we’re very grateful for the support received.”