Project date


Team involved

Carole Randall
KEEP+ Programme Manager

Kayleigh Parkes
KEEP+ Project Finance Officer

Julie Ben Abdeljelil
KEEP+ Project Manager

The challenge

Dicam Technology Ltd is a micro business based in Halesworth, Suffolk who own and develop hardware and software designs for microprocessor-based controllers which are primarily used for temperature and environmental control in agricultural buildings. In order to continue delivering exciting and innovative projects across multiple industries all over the world using cutting edge technology in an entrepreneurial and supportive environment, Dicam needed extra funding. They wanted to purchase equipment for a pilot programme pre-product launch for their new innovative product “Dicam 2”. The purchase would enable them to manufacture their pilot controllers, interface and other slave devices locally with the newly developed software to go forward into field trials and testing.

The solution

With the help of a KEEP+ capital grant, Dicam purchased a CNC router machine, 3D printer and a Pick and Place machine so that prototyping could commence. The purchases would support their developing technological and applied research into their new ‘Dicam 2’ product. Without these purchases, this would not have been achieved.

The outcome

Dicam are now in the prototyping and field trial stage of this project so that they can fully test and verify the product. Following this stage they are delighted to have the capability to manufacture their own prototype control equipment. This has enabled field trials of their latest innovative product and this has already received excellent feedback from customers.

As a result of the successful prototyping they were able to increase their workforce by offering a fully funded degree apprenticeship (Level 6) in Digital and Technology Solutions.