Project date


Team involved

Carole Randall
KEEP+ Programme Manager

The challenge

As a full service digital marketing agency, Coast Digital have access to vast amounts of data that details how users interact with any given webpage. By using CRO tools like heat maps, scroll maps and click maps, they have plenty of experience in improving and enhancing a site based on user behaviour on-site. Although well-versed in making logical, user experience-based decisions on website improvements, even an educated guess is still just a guess. In order to understand why users react as they do, as opposed to just identifying what their reactions are, Coast needed advanced biometric technology to identify and records a user’s online experience in real-time, based on their emotional responses to stimuli.

The solution

Coast applied for a KEEP+ grant – provided by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – to purchase high-tech equipment that would allow them to undertake advanced market research for their clients. The state-of-the-art equipment included eye-tracking and GSR technology, as well as facial expression analysis software. This new kit would allow Coast and their clients valuable insight into their customers’ emotive triggers, giving them the ability to fully optimise their websites to enhance user preferences and ultimately drive more conversions.

The outcome

Following the approval of Coast Digital’s eligibility for KEEP+, the grants panel formally issued 40% funding towards the biometrics research kit. This acquisition has given Coast user experience research tools that provide the most insightful data imaginable, based on genuine biological levels of user engagement. The acquisition of Coast’s biometric testing equipment to their existing suite of research tools mean they can provide their clients with powerful insights straight from their UX research lab, ultimately revolutionising the online experience of their customers.

“Working with the Keep+ team was a fantastic experience from start to finish. We were guided through what could be a complicated process in an unbelievably short space of time. We are delighted with the outcome of the Keep+ process, it has helped us fast track our R&D process to bring in tools that will evolve our agency offering giving us insights that our competitor agencies simply don’t have access to. “