By unlocking invaluable access to consultancy expertise through the KEEP+ project, a unique digital health solution has been developed and brought to market.

The Challenge

The burden of chronic diseases is massive – in the UK 15 million people have a long-term condition and those diseases are responsible for 41 million (71%) of global deaths annually – a huge financial cost to health and care providers, businesses, taxpayers and societies and a very significant cause of distress to humanity. Regular vital sign monitoring is proven to improve chronic disease patient outcomes. Regular vital sign monitoring is not widely practised as patients in developed world countries find existing monitoring methods time-consuming and uncomfortable, and patients in emerging countries do not have access to the medical equipment needed.

The Solution

In development for over 4 years, Lifelight has been created by xim Ltd, a digital health technology company with extensive experience in eHealth. Lifelight is a game-changing technology that allows any smartphone or tablet device to measure blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate simply by a patient looking into the device's built-in camera for 40 seconds. Completely contactless, with no additional hardware needed, it saves NHS staff time while improving patient experience.