The Challenge

Learning a new language or new skill is challenging at any age. Traditional methods usually take the form of book learning, perhaps coupled with parrot-fashion spoken sessions.   Munx VR has broken away from traditional learning techniques by harnessing the power of the learner’s spatial memory and providing a platform to build bespoke memory palaces using VR Technology.   Linguisticator have developed a piece of software that is both user friendly and flexible enough to be used for a range of subjects and disciplines. The software is now complete and the premium version was released on the gaming platform Steam in April 2019.   KEEP+’s engagement with this innovative, new to market software followed a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016. Munx VR has been steadily increasing its presence in the tech world with articles in Wired Magazine, BBC Click and a TEDx talk delivered by Linguisticator’s founder and CEO, Dr Aaron Ralby.

The Solution

Linguisticator was awarded an ERDF grant to procure an external consultant providing specialist development expertise to work on Munx VR.   This funding covered 50% of the cost of a suitably qualified individual to work directly with the business to release an initial version of the software, gather feedback and refine the product.   An online shopfront was also developed to successfully market the new product, demonstrating the adaptability and application of this innovative technology.