hangAIR are on a mission to help the 3 billion people suffering from respiratory problems, back pain, sleep deprivation or burnout and secured some ERDF funding through KEEP+ to set them on their way!

The Challenge

The company aims to develop and bring to market an industry-first AI powered forward incliner, designed specifically to enhance and provide optimal and time effective rest and recuperation, through guided breathing (to reduce stress levels), body suspension (to relieve back pain) and controlled rocking motion (to improve sleep/memory consolidation and prevent burnout).

The Solution

The hangAIR Incliner will harness NASA-driven research, scientific discoveries in neurology and physiology, and approaches inspired by the Alexander Technique. The benefits will be enhanced by the personalised set-up feature, enabled through integration of cutting-edge sensor-technology and machine-learning algorithms, resulting in a unique holistic mind-body relaxation ecosystem that responds to user-specific needs, unlike competitors. Recyclable materials will be utilised in the manufacturing process to ensure the product is sustainable.