The Challenge

Gosling PSL Holding Ltd needed to research and develop a new method and product to optimise the heating, cooling and stability of a liquid temperature controlled bath. The new technology will have the capability to control both the cooling, heating and stirring over a range of set points between -60 and +150 degrees Celsius. The data collected from this type of instrumentation is employed across a broad range of industry sectors, incorporating the accurate measurement of substances including lubricants, fuel oils, polymers, cellulose and biopolymers.    

The Solution

A University partner was procured to work with the business on a number of activities including; the reviewing of current processes and equipment employed for providing cooling systems, research into improving these systems to achieve totally new and more accurate functionality and control. Simulation methods to validate and revise the new product designs and finally implement and embed them into the business were also scoped for implementation by the partnership.