The company wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of a seated yoga programme designed for older people in care homes following a successful six-month pilot project which which delivered a regular programme of seated yoga to five Hertfordshire care homes. The pilot demonstrated the feasibility of a seated yoga programme as a wellness intervention.

The Challenge

Following the success of their pilot project, Accessible Chair Yoga sought the expertise of a university through a KEEP+ RIC grant to undertake a rigorous research study to investigate the impact of engaging in seated yoga twice a week over a period of two months for care home residents. The study followed both residents with a dementia diagnosis and residents who did not have a dementia diagnosis.

The Solution

The study focused on the measures of movement and mood before and after the yoga intervention. Findings created an evidence base that demonstrated the effects of chair yoga with the elderly care home population. Publication of the study outcomes in a scientific journal will provide evidence for care home managers, residents, relatives, yoga practitioners and health professionals of the impact for elderly residents in care homes of participating in seated yoga.