Latest Opportunities

Nascenta Ltd

The challenge is the development of a machine learning based journey planning engine that can schedule multi-modal transport and which can stimulate the provision and utilisation of cost effective and environmentally friendly transport options.

CLOSES 5.09.2018

Bit Warmer Limited

Heata is an eco high-performance compute solution integrated into domestic water systems so that we can recycle the waste heat from computer processing. Our Vision is to build the largest, greenest, most decentralised data processing operation into the world.

CLOSES 16.08.2018

Hextransforma Advisory Services Limited

The project aims to produce a beyond-reproach statistical measurement framework for a Diversity and Inclusion Benchmark Index.

CLOSES 16.08.2018

Hextransforma Healthcare

Research and development of wearable devices that patients can wear pre /perioperative and Post operative.

CLOSES 16.08.2018