Supporting SME Business Innovation

KEEP+ provides businesses with flexible opportunities for innovation with a focus on the development of new products and services. Already into our fourth year, our programme will run until 31 December 2022.

Applying Academic Research and Expertise

Work with leading Academics aiming to put their research and knowledge into practise by offering expertise to eligible SMEs. Unlock a wealth of opportunities with Graduate Associates and help to provide vital input to research.

Business Funding for Expertise and Innovation

Get up to £10,000 in grant funding for support from consultants and researchers or capital costs, all to assist the development of your innovative new product or service. Note: We operate an overall quarterly cap on the value of available consultancy and capital grants.

Supporting Expert Collaboration

Encouraging the academic and business communities to share their specialist expertise by collaborating to bring exciting new products and services to market.

What we offer

  • Knowledge Exchange Embed Partnerships (KEEP)
  • Research and Innovation Collaborations (RIC)
  • Grants for Consultancy Support
  • Stand Alone Capital Grants