Latest Opportunities

iDream Academy

iDream is looking for a consulting CTO with full stack developer, (front, back end) and product manager attributes, and some research and development experience to bring to the table.

CLOSES 21.11.2018


We are seeking a partnership / consultancy with colleagues from a neuroscience background to further develop our understanding of the value of child-led movement play in early child development. (NB This is about child-led movement play, not exercise or adult-led I models.)

CLOSES 28.11.2018

TDI Tuning Ltd

We are going to produce new electronic equipment which will enable us to provide a worlds-first fully remote tuning solution. We have in-house skills enabling us to design, spec and lead this project, however we do require consultancy expertise in order to be able to move forward and fulfil our requirements with this project.

CLOSES 15.11.2018

LookHealth LTD

LookHealth is a digital platform which seeks to increase patient access to clinicians, uses physical, biochemical and genomic data to predict and prevent chronic disease and incentivises positive health behaviour.

CLOSES 27.11.2018