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KEEP+ Grant Approved for Innovative VR Project

An innovative SME has been approved for KEEP+ funding work with University of Westminster on the development of a platform for building memory palaces in VR.

Linguisticator Ltd, based in Cambridge have been approved for a KEEP+ grant to work with the University of Westminster to develop Macunx VR, a platform for building memory palaces in Virtual Reality. The project, led by Linguisticator’s founder and CEO Dr Aaron Ralby will work directly with a Graduate from the University of Westminster, supervised by a Senior Lecturer back on Campus to develop this innovative new product.

The new VR platform has multiple applications, ranging from language learning and medical training to learning subjects like history and geography. Trials of the memory palace technique led by Dr Ralby also suggest that Macunx VR could hold huge potential in helping individuals with dyslexia circumvent some of the learning challenges they face. View the video below to learn more about the science behind Macunx VR.

To find out more about Linguisticator’s innovation journey and the Macunx VR project check out their website. If you are an SME with an innovative project and are looking for specialist expertise, talk to the KEEP+ team or one of our delivery partners.