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KEEP+ is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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Creative Technology Week 2018

Follow the latest technological developments in the creative industry as the USA leads on this fast growing annual event.

Innovators and entrepreneurs across the pond are gearing up for Creative Technology Week 2018 running from 3rd to 12th May. The event, which is entirely crowdsourced, has been running for three years growing to international status and bringing together developers, designers, artists and individuals from across the creative Technology industry.


This year’s CTW week has a huge number of experts offering their advice, experience and sharing their work with the creative community. Case studies are featured on the Creative Technology Week website, discussing the integration of cutting edge technology into the creative sector. Check out the webinars from last year’s event on Youtube and keep up to date with events as they happen via the CTW2018 Facebook page and website.


When thinking about the KEEP+’s focus on funding the development of new products and services, the creative sectors might seem like a difficult fit. However, the creative technology businesses are an eligible sector for ERDF funding and we would be delighted to support more businesses in this industry. You may be developing a new piece of innovative software, or integrating technology into your creative business or even perhaps integrating two technologies to create an innovative new process. Either way, it’s worth finding out whether your project could be funded.


If you are an innovative business in the creative sector and are developing a new product, process or service and are looking for an injection of academic expertise, a specialist piece of kit, or funding to contribute toward consultancy services you may be eligible for a KEEP+ grant. Talk to us!