Project date


Team involved

Carole Randall
KEEP+ Programme Manager

Cheryl Cook
KEEP+ Marketing and Administration Manager

The challenge

Improvements are needed to standardise the performance of GPs in early detection of bowel cancer. By improving methods of diagnosis and speeding up referrals potentially health services could save significant amounts of money and save an additional 1000 lives per year through earlier detection and referral.

The solution

Surgease Innovations aim to address the causes of late bowel cancer diagnosis by creating a medical device and communications programme that can be adopted at the point a patient makes contact with their GP. The device will offer a reliable method of helping GPs to ascertain whether a patient needs an urgent referral, therefore reducing the amount of time a patient waits to be seen by an appropriate specialist and in turn reducing waiting times for treatment. With the assistance of a KEEP+ consultancy grant, 3rd party expertise was sourced to assist in producing a product feasibility, specifications and initial concept development ready for prototyping.

The outcome

Having made contact with the KEEP+ team for a discussion about the scope of the proposed project, the business was confirmed as eligible via the completion of a simple form. The consultancy grant application is designed to assist the business in formulating a plan for the consultancy activity that is feasible, in line with the proposed project goals and within KEEP+'s funding criteria. A 3rd party quote was sourced by the business, the application was assessed, approved and a formal grant offer issued.   Work is now underway on the initial stages of the project which is envisaged to last around seven months.

From the very first conversation with Keep+, the enthusiasm for innovation and the sharing of our vision was noted and we were encouraged to apply. The whole process of checking eligibility, application process, verification and submission was one of the most simplest and pleasant experiences I have been involved with; when considering my extensive background in applying for project funding. I am extremely grateful to the Keep+ team for assisting us with our project ambitions and look forward to progressing this innovation so it can help patients to live better lives, cancer free.